Significant Research Activities in Mathematics

Burapha UniversityFixed point theory and applications, Numerical analysis, Mathematical modeling, Partial difference equations, Statistics.
Chiang Mai UniversityFunctional analysis, Banach spaces theory, Fixed point theory and Applications, Distribution theory, Complex analysis, Control theory, C*-Algebra, Operator theory, Ring and module theory, Semigroups, Combinatorics and Graph theory, Algebraic graph theory, Optimization, Mathematical modeling, Universal algebras.
Chulalongkorn UniversityAlgebraic Semigroup theory, Bio-informatics, Coding theory, Combinatorics and graph theory, Fixed point theory, Fluid mechanics, Functional analysis, G-structure theory, Geometry, Hyperstructure theory, Mathematical logic and set theory, Number theory, Numerical analysis, Operations research, Partial differential equations, Probability theory and stochastic analysis, Ring theory, Topology, Wavelet theory.
Kasetsart UniversityAlgebra, Number theory, Financial mathematics, Fluid dynamics, classical analysis.
Khon Kaen UniversityFunctional analysis, Universal algebra, Probability theory and applications, Number theory and applications, Numerical analysis, Graph and combinatorics, Fixed point theory, Operation research, Optimization, Computational fluid dynamics, Control theory and applications, Semigroup theory, Financial mathematics, Finite element method, Boundary element method, Scientific computation, Distribution theory, Differential geometry, Complex analysis, Ring theory.
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology LadkrabangPartial differential equation, Nonlinear ordinary differential equation, Integral equation, Differential geometry, Calculus of variation, Mathematical modeling, Optimization, Supply chain logistics, Global optimization, Environmental model, Dynamical systems, Numerical analysis, Finite element method, Finite difference method, Flow analysis, Polymer processing, Data analysis, Applied mathematics for medical science, Nonlinear functional analysis, Special function, Spectrum theory, Graph theory, Topology, Real and Complex analysis, Set theory, Rough sets, Linear algebra, Transformation semigroups, Matrix theory, Operator theory, Vector analysis.
King Mongkut’s University of Technology North BangkokMathematics modeling, Computational fluid dynamics, Graph theory, Differential equations, Numerical analysis, Financial mathematics, Real options theory, Evolutionary game theory, Optimal control, Nonlinear analysis and theory of ODEs, Functional analysis and its applications, Algebra, Innovation mathematics, Mathematics education.
King Mongkut’s University of Technology ThonburiNumerical Methods, Operations research, Optimization, CAI, Numerical analysis, Numerical ocean modeling, Mathematical in biology and ecology, Atmospheric modeling, Parallel numerical algorithms and computing, Computational fluid dynamics, Combinatorics, Coding theory, Theoretical computer science, Statistics, Teaching mathematics, Graph theory, Nonlinear functional analysis, Fixed Point theory and applications.
Maejo UniversityFixed Point Theory, Neural networks, Existence and Uniqueness of Differential equations.
Mahasarakham UniversityGraph theory, Numerical analysis, Ring and module theory, Functional analysis, Non-linear, Statistics.
Mahidol UniversityFunctional analysis, Mathematical modeling, Dynamical systems, Algebra, Numerical analysis and computational mathematics, Operations research and logistics, Computer applications, Geometry, Analysis.
Naresuan UniversityNonlinear analysis, Convex and variational analysis, Semigroups, Number theory.
Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai CampusFixed point Theory, Semi groups, Number Theory, Partial differential equation, Mathematical Models, Numerical optimization, Analysis Algebra, Fuzzy set and Rough set of Algebraic System, Applied Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Operator Space Theory, Inverse Problem, Numerical Analysis, Stochastic integrals, Stochastic Analysis, Integration on Manifolds, Probability and Statistics, Statistical Modeling, Social Science research, Applied Multivariate Analysis, Epidemiology Research, Operations Research.
Prince of Songkla University, Pattani CampusResearch methodology in epidemiology, environmental science and social science, Software engineering, Computational science, Financial mathematics, Mathematical models, Inverse problem, Dynamical systems, Geometry of metric spaces of bounded curvature, Universal algebra, Decomposition Theory, Topology, Applied Statistics.
Silpakorn UniversityUniversal algebra, Graph theory, Algebra, Coding theory, Functional analysis, Mathematical modeling(geophysics and medical science) complex analysis and PDEs.
Ramkhamhaeng University
Srinakharinwirot UniversityGraph theory, Design theory, Combinatorics, Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations and Application, Partial Differential Equation, Mathematics education (Problem solving), Computer education (content management system).
Suranaree University of TechnologyDifferential equations, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Applied Analysis, Wavelet Theory, Financial Modeling, Fixed point theory and applications, Numerical analysis.
Thaksin UniversityRing and module, Mathematical modeling, Applied mathematics, Geometry of metric spaces of bounded curvature, Functional analysis, Fixed point theory, Graph theory, Number theory, Mathematics education.
Thammasat UniversityGroup theory, Graph theory, Functional analysis, Numerical linear algebra, Nonlinear partial differential equations, Mathematical modeling, Numerical simulation, computational sciences, Probability and statistics theory, Mathematical statistics, Statistical modeling, Item response theory, Time series, Social science research, Geometry, Functional equations, Wavelet Analysis.
Ubon Ratchathani UniversityFunctional analysis, Fixed point theory and applications, Mathematics education: advanced mathematical thinking, symplectic reflection, Poisson algebras and Poisson modules, Atmospheric model, Dynamical system, Representations of Lie groups, Finite difference method of an air pollution model.
Walailuk UniversityProbability theory, Stochastic calculus, Complex analysis, Graph theory, Data Classification.